Thursday, October 31, 2013

Camping at Two Harbors, Catalina

I was looking through some pictures today, and came across photos from our camping trip to Catalina this summer. I thought I'd post a few along with some details from the trip. Enjoy!

We decided to take a camping trip to Catalina, and so invited our friends The Milams, who have kids of similar ages as ours, to join us. Alison and Shelly decided they would take the two 3 year olds on the Catalina Express, and Joel and I would take the older kids on my boat. As you can see, even though we were only camping for two nights, there is no such thing as packing light when you are hauling the gear for 9 people. This picture only shows about half of it!

The crossing from San Pedro to Two Harbors was a smooth one, and we arrived just before the girls did on the express. We picked them up from the dock with my boat, and motored over to the east side of the harbor where the campsites are. After anchoring, we launched the dinghy, and transferred all our gear to shore. This was our first camping mission to Catalina, and as such, we slightly underestimated the hike up the hill to our spot. It took us about 30 laborious minutes to get all the gear (pic above) hiked up the hill to our spot. Once we did though, we were presented with this awesome view!
The Harbor as seen from our campsite. You can see Ship Rock in the upper left, and the edge of Bird Rock on the right.
My lonely little boat at anchor
The first night, we barbecued hamburgers for the kids and bacon wrapped hot dogs for the big kids. If you haven't tried them, you're missing out! 
Happy Customer!
Bacon wrapped hot dog and PBR. What's more American than that?!
Scotty would like to demonstrate the proper way to crack a peanut.

We spent most of our time down at the beach, where we enjoyed the nice weather and got some good snorkel time in. The little guys had a lot of fun playing pirate in the dinghy; a great makeshift playpen, as featured on Hint Mama's blog.

Trac-ball! Lots of fun in the water!

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