Saturday, April 6, 2013

Three Weeks Since Collarbone Surgery

3 weeks post-op. The bone is starting to mend.

Well, I've made it three weeks, and things seem to be improving. I had my three week post-op appointment yesterday, and the doc says I'm healing as expected. I'm still having a bit of moderate pain at times, especially in the morning upon waking, but he says that is normal. It's just my bones and muscles working everything out. I was given a refill of Percocet, and advised that a couple a day to manage the painful moments are not a problem. A relief to hear that, as I always try to ditch the pain meds ASAP, not wanting to end up like Rush Limbaugh or something. Call me a masochist, but I also think feeling a little pain is good for me. Reminds me that things are healing. I'm mostly out of the sling, but I still keep it handy for the times when it starts to hurt - usually at the end of the day. I asked about exercise, and the doc says that the stationary bike is still ok, but no running or real bike riding until the 6 week mark. I am free to continue moving my arm, just not to lift anything heavy, or lift it above 90 degrees. I still can't raise it above about 30 degrees on my own anyway, so no issue there. I asked him about that, and he said that it will take some time to regain that muscle strength, but not to worry. Driving hasn't been an issue. I started doing that at 1 week post op. Much easier now without the sling though.

I am still planning to ride the Catalina Gran Fondo on May 14th, but I may opt for the shorter 14 mile version.


  1. Hi.. im 1st week 2days post op. Can i remove my sling on the 3rd week since i need to get marry. Hopefully by 2nd week i could drive my own car.

  2. Check with your doc, but by the third week, I was only wearing it when I went out in Public. Mainly just to warn people not to slap me on the shoulder or something like that. I'd also wear it if my shoulder got tired and sore. Good luck and speedy recovery!

  3. Hi Nic,
    Thank you for the advice.

  4. Thanks for the blog on this. I'm 4 weeks post op from a MTN bike crash. Feeling about the same as you at week 3.

    Josh in Utah

  5. Hang in there, Josh. 1.5 years later, I'm happy to report that I'm riding as much as I ever did. Flying through the chunky stuff and feeling fine. I do get some mild stiffness once in awhile, but my range of motion is back to 100%.