Saturday, April 6, 2013

Three Weeks Since Collarbone Surgery

3 weeks post-op. The bone is starting to mend.

Well, I've made it three weeks, and things seem to be improving. I had my three week post-op appointment yesterday, and the doc says I'm healing as expected. I'm still having a bit of moderate pain at times, especially in the morning upon waking, but he says that is normal. It's just my bones and muscles working everything out. I was given a refill of Percocet, and advised that a couple a day to manage the painful moments are not a problem. A relief to hear that, as I always try to ditch the pain meds ASAP, not wanting to end up like Rush Limbaugh or something. Call me a masochist, but I also think feeling a little pain is good for me. Reminds me that things are healing. I'm mostly out of the sling, but I still keep it handy for the times when it starts to hurt - usually at the end of the day. I asked about exercise, and the doc says that the stationary bike is still ok, but no running or real bike riding until the 6 week mark. I am free to continue moving my arm, just not to lift anything heavy, or lift it above 90 degrees. I still can't raise it above about 30 degrees on my own anyway, so no issue there. I asked him about that, and he said that it will take some time to regain that muscle strength, but not to worry. Driving hasn't been an issue. I started doing that at 1 week post op. Much easier now without the sling though.

I am still planning to ride the Catalina Gran Fondo on May 14th, but I may opt for the shorter 14 mile version.