Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New House, New Projects!

So we bought a house. It's an old house (1940), but it's in great shape. There are certainly some things we intend on changing/updating, but we're pretty excited to own our little piece of the rock. Some things need rather immediate attention, such as the dead lawn, decaying garage door and the necessity of a dog run to contain our dog. Some other things are live-able, and we can change them in time - small kitchen, minimal closet space. So what is project number 1? The dog run, of course! Pooch has to have somewhere to live too, right?

Since the majority of our 13K sqft. lot is in front of the house, there is a perfect little yard in the back, begging to be fenced in. This one will get tackled first. Off to Home Depot! Back with supplies for a redwood fence. I'll build the fence first, then later I will add a base of decomposed granite and top it with astroturf (easier to clean poop off of that than off of real grass).

Firstly, a shiny new post hole digger! Didn't take long at all, and I was down to a depth of 3ft. Dropped about 6 inches of gravel into the bottom, and planted the 4x4x8 pressure treated post. Secured the post at level using stakes, and dumped 100lbs of Quickset down the hole. Added water, and voila! First fence post set.

So far so good... I'll be doing the rest on Friday. Stay tuned...

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