Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Milestone

So lately I've been cycling a lot, with the goal of building endurance and getting faster. I have signed up for several events this spring and summer, and I'd rather not look like I have no business being there. While reviewing my training history in my Garmin yesterday, I noticed I've been fairly successful. This despite having two kids (one brand new), and being extremely busy at work (worked 5AM-8PM Monday). Fortunately I have a very tolerant and extremely capable wife, and have gotten good at picking the right times to get out and ride. Usually very early Saturday morning, or when the older kid is at school. Anyway, as I was scrolling down the Garmin log, I noted that when I started cycling last year (or was it two years ago?), my average ride was about 10 miles with an average speed of about 15mph. I also weighed the most I ever have - 217lbs. Lately, on weekdays, I'm averaging 22 mile rides at a pace of 19mph. On the weekends, I'll usually do a 50 mile or longer ride. Last weekend I did 60.2 in the hills of PV and averaged 17.2mph! Not too shabby (for a middle-aged fat kid anyway)! All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my effort and the results I'm getting. Which brings us to the Milestone...
I stepped on the scale yesterday, and for the first time since college, the first digit wasn't a 2. That's right folks - 199.8lbs. Next stop: 195!